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Shrimp Kabob, Shrimp Gumbo,Shrimp Creole…

As  Abbey, ummm, mounts the boulder, Mark looks on with curiosity and wonder,  wishing he had brought his rock climbing gear, but alas, he lost it in the cave adventure…


Nice list, Abbey.  Reminds me of how many ways, according to Benjamin Buford  “Bubba” Blue, one can prepare shrimp

One thought on “Shrimp Kabob, Shrimp Gumbo,Shrimp Creole…

  1. So if ants don’t live on top of rocks, what’s the point of climbing? Huh!? If they are on top, they must have climbed from the bottom, right? So they should be walking AROUND the rocks to find the ant trail. Cal had the right idea to sit out this farce.

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