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Wow, I could have sworn I posted something yesterday… but I guess not… a draft post awaited me this morning with nary a comment.  Just the strip.  I’m sure I stared at it a few times and nothing came… which is not unusual these days…


But today there is, ummm, intimacy?  Awkwardness?  Why, a woman hasn’t used the Trail as a “landing spot” since the cave adventure


So as Mark Billy-goats his way along the rocky outcropping and with that strange bit of touching, we are all left to feel just slightly uncomfortable…  and to wonder what Abbey’s true motives are…

3 thoughts on “Tension?

  1. I’m struck by Abbey and Mark’s ability to both overcome physical constraints and demonstrate remarkable speed in their final-frame grappling.

    Is that narrow ledge Mark pointed out in the first frame truly capacious enough to handle Abbey’s forcibly leaping into the prone position atop Mark’s suddenly supine form? Did he fall for her? She for him? And why are they not both falling back to sea level to rejoin our reluctant third-wheel Cal at the foot of the cliff?

    Such technical musings aside, wouldn’t one of these two think their perilous moment was over just a wee bit too quickly when the cry of “I’ve got you . . . [at last?, safe in my arms?, under my skin?]” is followed nearly instantaneously by the barked order: “Now let’s head on up!” Somehow the pacing of the vigorous action in this particular strip does not seem fully satisfying . . . and the reason is not a matter of Mark taking his sweet, sweet time.

    Can the tension between this couple be ratcheted up to such a fever pitch again any time soon, or is the relationship on the rocks for good after this all-to-brief brief episode? I, for one, admit to being on tenterhooks over just what hints of their inner lives will be evident on the respective faces of Abbey and Mark in their close-ups tomorrow.

  2. I am glad that Mark’s strong, manly thighs instinctively spread to capture Abbey on that very narrow ledge and that her arm went right around his neck. I can hardly wait to see if priestly Mark can overcome the intimacy of this shared peril.

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