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We gotta get outa this place…

if it’s the last thing we ever do…  I forgot what a great bass line this song has… and it’s funny to look at the gear… so simple!


Anyway, back to the Island Adventure…  As predicted, Mark is offering uber-obvious advice, but with a twist… apparently there is something more menacing that the thought of being overrun and stung to death by fire-ants…  Enraged ones, even…

What could be off-camera, stage left?  Again, the “there’s something behind the door and I need to know what it is” device…  Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday and we will likely get an answer then.  And revel in the fact that we can all turn our clocks back an hour before we go to bed.  An extra hour to ponder the fate of Mark and Abbey and wonder what Cal and Cherry are up to, not to mention Doc, Rusty and Andy the St. Bernard back at Lost Forest…

5 thoughts on “We gotta get outa this place…

  1. now it appears Mark is morphing into the Spiderman crouch complete with blue tights…what gives with the “all over the map” artistic renderings from the quill of Allen??

  2. “No, listen, It’s not about the ants!”

    With that line echoing in my brain,I can’t help but turn to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4EDhdAHrOg.

    Perhaps we have a key here to the difficulty Mark & Abbey seem to encounter every time they start to have a conversation about the latest threat to their well-being?

    As an aside, I’m on tenterhooks over just what could be causing that rumble . . . er, vruummuummuummmumumbble! If not an earthquake, a horde of enraged invasive fire ants, or an unnaturally slow-moving wild boar with a penchant for head-butting rotten trees, what could it be? Tsunami? Clear-cutting tropical loggers? Heavy-set Polynesian dance troupe?

    I’ll not sleep tonight.

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