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Like an angry boil on Mother’s Bum, the magma has been released…  Suddenly the RIFAMOBP is of little or no concern as it will soon be covered in liquid hot magma


But go where, Mark?  It was a perilous journey just to get where you are- ledges, ravines, Wild Boar, and that’s just what we know about… Perhaps Cal has take to the air and can hover on by and scoop them up… wouldn’t that be daring.  But nothing compared to the Nam… landing in in a rice paddy being strafed by 50mm weapons fire…

2 thoughts on “KRAKABLAM?

  1. Sundry Thoughts on Today’s Strip:

    1. Remember that Cal had warned Mark on flight over that “several of those atolls are unstable.”

    2. Why would Mark wear a body-hugging WHITE tee shirt to go exploring on a tropical isle? You think he was trying to impress the accident-prone Abbey? Or it is to underscore the impromptu nature of this latest escapade?

    3.With all of the rock climbing, falling in water, falling out of trees into dirt and ant hilss, and other misadventures Mark has endured, how come his tee is still spotless and whole? Why, Captain Kirk’s uniform shirt used to start falling apart the moment he sensed a fight coming on.

    4. KRAKRABLAM – an onomatopoeic reference to Krakatoa, perhaps?

  2. Perhaps tomorrow Mark will explain that the most urgent threat they face is a pyroclastic flow comprised of ash, rocks and hot gasses that can rush down side of a volcano at more than 100 mph –volcanoes.usgs.gov/vhp/pyroclastic_flows.html

    At that rate Mark might have a few minutes to make a final life saving attempt on Abbey. Lava would not arrive until hours later. Cal should get out while he can.

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