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Captain Obvious Strikes Again!!

FWOOSH goes the “Flaming Debris”as Mark calls it…  And Mark, I think Abbey is well aware of what is going on, or should I say coming down, around her…  Yes!  back to the beach!  Capital idea!!  Where you will find that Cal has already made off with the ocean going dinghy…


Mark, that is one weird expression on your face, not to mention the running stance you are assuming…  At least Abbey appears to be pumping her arms in a way that will increase the rate at which she is moving away from the flaming hot rocks… Mark looks like he is running away from a swarm or locust or something… “Ewww! Get away from me!” he would seem to be saying with his body language…  Not to mention the Lululemon yoga pants he has slipped into just for this occasion…

2 thoughts on “Captain Obvious Strikes Again!!

  1. I think my hypothetical 10-year old is starting to take over some of the drawing. Or maybe Allen is tracing figures from cheesy 1960s Charlton comic books. No offense, Mr Allen, but that has to be one of the most incompetently drawn human forms I’ve seen outside of a 6th grade art class. Must have been behind the deadline!

  2. Where will they run to? If the “geography” is at all consistent, they started on one “side” of the island and climbed up the rocks. Like Jack and Jill they then fell down the other side of the hill, where the fun began. So they must be on the ground floor of the island, but on the other side. Logic says that if there is a beach, they should go there and run around until they find Cal. At worst, they could swim around.

    No, at worst, Cal will be boating around the island in the OTHER DIRECTION!

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