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What doesn’t kill us…

…makes us stronger, and can even completely change one’s looks and physique…  Other than the blue polo shirt and hat there is nothing recognizable about the guy showing up in today’s installment.


I don’t know… you be the judge…


Anyway…  a point was made in the comments yesterday that short of Matrix-like maneuvers and special effects, Cal’s innards would surely have been liquefied by such a blast in such close proximity… but of course not.  He needs to survive in order to take Abbey’s boat!    This is actually pretty funny.  I can almost imagine Mark having a thought or two about said boat as one of the options available to get to safety… but now it would seem that Cal has his eye on it… is it to save Mark and Abbey, or to pull a George Costanza and run over kids and grandmothers on his way to the door??

And what about Cherry?  Is she even remotely wondering what Mark is going through?  Perhaps concerned and wondering about the developing new world order?  Doubtful.

3 thoughts on “What doesn’t kill us…

  1. You’re right! It looks like Cal suddenly turned into a version of Jim Brown, with a big mustache. But this is soooo “Mark Trail”, where muscles and physiques suddenly appear when needed.

  2. Now, I’m concerned about this boat or Abbey’s. It certainly doesn’t look like anything more than a simple motorboat; certainly not an ocean-going yacht. This brings up the question “How in hell did Abbey take a modest motorboat from (presumably) one of the Hawaiian Islands to this deserted island? I looked back at her first appearance in this story arc where she was lying on the beach and congratulating herself for a two-week vacation on this island. Where did she plan on sleeping? Is there some kind of tent off to the side? A two-way radio for emergencies? I also noticed that when she first climbed the rocks looking for that rare bird, she didn’t express any great fear of heights.

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