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Mark’s ability to expound…

…while running at full tilt is impressive.  Even to the point that he can hearken back to the past (well for us, anyway, it’s been weeks…) and recall the incident involving the Wild Boar…  and now realize that the boar meant them no harm, it was simply escaping with its life… damn the singular of boar that was left to incinerate… true- that’s what a group of wild  boar is apparently called…


So… Boar smarter than Trail.  Not surprising.  If Mark had an ounce of brains left in him, he wouldn’t constantly be placing himself in mortal danger…

3 thoughts on “Mark’s ability to expound…

  1. Well, isn’t it satisfying to have the mystery of the wild boar chase solved?

    Yeah, that scene makes sense now! Eons of evolutionary winners and losers have led to a strain of boars finely tuned to seismic, geomagnetic and atmospheric perturbations which indicate impending volcanic activity and whose successful inbred survival strategy involves rushing headlong into tree trunks to escape the threat of incineration by lava.

    Hmmm. Darwin’s theory evidently still has a few kinks to be worked out.

  2. Speaking of biology . . . what is the scientific explanation for the extraordinary growth of Abbey’s forearm to simian proportions within the space of a few comic strip frames? Her knuckles must brush the ground on each stride she takes.

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