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Well thank goodness…

The lava flow has taken out the already damaged fire ant mound…


And this is important because, well, we’d probably all be sitting up at night wondering whether the ants survived the eruption…  I can tell you I would have been.  But really?  Installments past suggested that the volcano and resulting caldera were miles away- off on the horizon.  It wasn’t like Mark and Abbey were at the foot of the mountain that just blew its top.  Well, I guess that lava flows quickly, much more quickly than any story line in the Trailverse…


3 thoughts on “Well thank goodness…

  1. Oh no! Does this mean all evidence of the lost civilization of wall builders on the island will soon be similarly doomed to oblivion? Who would believe the existence of such artifacts based solely upon the testimony of the next of Mark’s as-yet-unwritten article?

      • In the real world, they would have choppered up to the top in no time at all, where Cal could be waiting in his copter and ready to fly them to safety at the first sign of earthly instability. But then, the story would have ended weeks ago.

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