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Seeing? How About Breathing??

As Abbey assumes a ‘duck and cover’ posture, what exactly is Mark doing?  Heaven only knows…


Ever wonder where the expression “heads up!” originated?  I have always thought that funny, especially when applied to, say, a baseball diamond.  A foul tip goes high in the sky, some unsuspecting person is about to get beaned, and someone yells, “heads up!”  The person looks up, and instead of catching the blow on the top of their head or shoulder, the ball crushes their nose or eye socket…  clearly not a better outcome.

So as Mark leads the way with his skinny jeans and flexing gluts, let’s hope Abbey can find her way, as she seems to be overwhelmed by the raining ash and cinder…

2 thoughts on “Seeing? How About Breathing??

  1. Do you think that Mark will lead Abbey into some kind of cave system for protection from the ash and flaming cinders raining down from above? If so, we can prepare for another several months of subterranean adventures, this time with Abbey playing the role of Carina as the love-struck fellow traveler in the close confines of mother earth? Perhaps this time the ambient light in the cave will come from the lava pursuing them ever deeper underground? And can we imagine their journey ending with another watery escape – and Mark and Abbey resurfacing with load gasps in the pool at the Coco Palms where Cherry lies idly sipping her umbrella-garnished drink and admiring the abs on the Polynesian cabana boy?

    Ah, what a great strip! It keeps the mind alive . . .

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