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Atta boy, Cal!

No use being an idiot.  This strip ain’t named for you.  Mark has survived worse scrapes, and well, you have visions of the ‘Nam coming back to you.  You saw too many of your brothers get taken out in the searing heat of a firefight to know that running toward the danger only gets you kilt…


So as Cal continues to channel Jim Brown, head down arms and legs pumping (thanks, George A…) he heads for the boat… of which wee have only seen the bow… I mean, what’s it packing in the back?  a motor?  will Cal be rowing?  sailing?

And what about that random reference to the movie The Fog?  The wreck of the Elizabeth Dane?  Was that just a head fake?  That was, of course, months ago in real time, when Abbey was awaiting Mark’s arrival.  For those living in the Trail Matrix, though, mere hours…

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