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Well, there’s certainly no getting around this…

…the fact that only the most stalwart will continue to run with this strip.


When a single day takes over a month to play out, (than you andysowner) it suddenly becomes all to apparent why one gets the feeling, the hope even, that quicksand would deliver a sweet release…

One also assumes that the eruption is being felt throughout the island chain and it’s not unlikely that Cherry by now has put down the umbrella drink, thrown on her cover-up, and sobered up enough to ask whether the US Geological Survey might deploy its considerable heft (no doubt they have their own standing army by now) and rescue her husband (and what other life forms without a comic strip named for them) from the disintegrating island… This would be consistent with other “crescendos” where the Federal Government is the only possible point of resolve for these long walks we are being asked to endure.  I guess the self-reliant, vigilante Mark Trail died with Mr. Elrod, too…

2 thoughts on “Well, there’s certainly no getting around this…

  1. Who knew when Elrod passed the baton that our new nemeses would be earthquakes and blobs of lava and other natural phenomenon. At least Allen could have thought of rabid bats in the Mexican cave and in the case of this Hawaiian island let the fire ants rule and cause bodily carnage to both Mark and Abbey—no such luck!

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