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Abbey’s in shock, Mark looks like he’s dead…

Good to know  that they had some depth with which to work, unlike that dumb-ass in the video yesterday… Did you all flinch?  I know I did…


But boy won’t Abbey have a tale to tell when she gets back to the office… Everyone back at the USDA was secretly hating on her because she got to go the conference… in Hawaii, no less!  Little did they know that the trip was going to turn into a series of harrowing experiences.  Not like it had to though… If Abbey did not feel compelled to root out invasive species on isolated atolls, she wouldn’t be sinking in the ocean depths with possible compression fractures and internal bleeding…

One thought on “Abbey’s in shock, Mark looks like he’s dead…

  1. And if Abbey IS supposed to be in Hawaii for a conference, why is she gallivanting around the Pacific on deserted islands when she’s supposed to be (presumably) attending meetings, all at tax payer’s expense, I bet. It’s going to be difficult to explain to her boss what she was doing on a tropical island with a married man instead of sitting in a conference room in Oahu, especially when all of her evidence has either been buried or vaporized. As for Mark, when he turns in his expense report for a destroyed helicopter, his globe-trotting days will likely be over.

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