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For the love of Mike…

…or Mark… whatever…


Stop turning Abbey into a dude!  Look at the shoulders on her in panel one!

I guess 12 or 13 MPH is all is took to outrun the devastation… You know, is this all a cheap rip-off of the movie San Andreas starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson?   The scene where they have to out-run a tsunami by running straight into it?  Of course in that movie (which, for a latter day Irwin Allen epic was pretty good,) we actually cared about the characters…  OK, at least I did.  Here, not so much.  And a once-more subtle reminder that the disaster movie genre does not translate well to the serial comics format…

Funny how none of these scrapes translates into PTSD for Mark.  He just keeps going back for more.  By now he must realize that the world is out to get him… Oh that it actually would, by some little measure, would be satisfying…

One thought on “For the love of Mike…

  1. “…We’re in the clear!” Mark exclaims, as boulders continue to fall within 10 yards of their boat. And what does Mark mean by that, anyway? Does he think it’s okay to cut the engine and just bob around and the magma continues to spread across the ocean? Is he waiting for a tsunami to form so he can start yelling “Cal! We gotta get outta here!” again?

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