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Uh, yeah… That’ll be exciting.

And in what… like four years??  As I recall the IUCNWCC (really?) is a quad-annual event.  It just happened in September of 2016, so the next one isn’t until 2020!   First you have to get on the agenda as a speaker, and speaker calls for the next “congress” won’t happen for at least a few years… by that time it’s old and dusty news.  Plus, Abbey, what have you got? A “he-said/she-said” tale with no pictures, no evidence, just a person (you) weaving a highly improbable tale that only puts you at the scene based on another’s witness- Mark Trail, who we all know from the funny papers as being highly suspect and barely able to keep his own credibility boat floating…  I can see the PowerPoint now, full of clip art pictures of travel documents and manifests from Honey and Darling (Lord knows where they are by now…) and stock photos of the the RIFA and its ravages…


And just when I was about to rail on the presence of ORCA in the Hawaiian Island chain, I learned that while rare, these overgrown, distinctly marked, sea-faring porpoises do actually make their home there (proving that in every species a certain number come to their senses and figure out that warm is better than cold) and feast on marine mammals like baby humpback whales…

2 thoughts on “Uh, yeah… That’ll be exciting.

  1. Unless the feckless trio figure out solutions to their glaring navigation, range and seaworthiness issues, Abbey will more likely be talking about her castaway experience in the years ahead, not some fried exotic ants.

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