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And, it would seem, confidence that there’s enough gas in the tank to get you home…

…along with “a few days of ‘vacation’ remaining”… considering it took 5 months of strip time to play out the last 36 hours… aaaggghhh!!


Capital idea, Cal!  Why don’t you head back to Kauai?

And what the hell is floating in the water in Panel 3?  An empañada? Oh that’s right… that would have made more sense in the cave adventure… Probably what Jose and Jefe snacked on en la cantina when they were plotting their human trafficking scheme.  Which added nothing to that story line either… other that shooing Mark & Company into the Cave of wonders…

Not to mention that Abbey’s head, center of the boat in Panel 3, (assuming that’s Mark still talking, since Abbey is technically on the job…) has grown freakishly large.  Oh my goodness, can we please just be done with this?

4 thoughts on “And, it would seem, confidence that there’s enough gas in the tank to get you home…

  1. Nice to see that, after falling over precipices, running through volcanic lava and ash, and swimming in the ocean, they still look like they just stepped out of their clothes closet. I wonder what they’re going to do on the way back when one of them has to go #1 or #2, unless they used their ocean swim to take of business in between panels.

  2. The panel 3 creature is either a man of war jellyfish or Mick Jagger’s lips without the tongue.

    When the small boat runs out of gas and is overturned by a tidal wave, perhaps they will be stung by jellyfish and eaten by that great white shark.

    I hope we get a few days of Abbey/Cherry drama before Rusty’s flapjacks and token parenting.

  3. I think I have an idea about that brown blob: It’s a sack containing all of Mark’s things he brought on the vacation. Cherry dumped them when she decided enough is enough and sailed off with the conch blower.

  4. That weird floating object looks a bit like the arse end of an ocean sunfish, or mola. Mola tend to get very large and hang near the ocean surface. But it is usually their dorsal fin that protrudes above the water, sometimes leading to folks mistaking them for sharks.

    My alternative theory is that the blob is some type of jellyfish, as a number of those species have sails that catch the wind to blow them across the waters.

    Hmmm. If only there were some sort of naturalist/investigative journalist or naturalist/federal agent about to clear up this new mystery . . .

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