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I don’t know which is more awkward…

…the two gulls arguing over whose turn it is to perch on the post or Abbey and Mark trying to wrap up their “adventure…”  Still more boring chatter about invasive species…  But come to think of it, Abbey, that’s just the point!  the threat is NEVER gone… One must never stop being vigilant… let one’s guard down!


So now that we are back at the Coco Palms, maybe what, a few hours later, Cherry will be poolside working on her 4th or 5th umbrella drink, ready to do some serious relaxing.  Let’s hope that she hasn’t been exposing her northern, alabaster skin to the tropical sun or at least has had he good sense to apply some #45 sun-block…

Will Mark soon be regaling us with tales of exploding islands, or will he just keep it all to himself?  Personally, I think it’s about time for his phone to ring again, since he an Cherry will likely have damn little to talk about…

One thought on “I don’t know which is more awkward…

  1. You’d think the first thing they would like to do is take a shower to wash off the non-existing salt grime and volcanic ash, and change out of their still-clean clothes into new, clean clothes.

    And what about poor Cal? When he puts Mark’s name on his insurance claim, they’ll probably drop him like a hot potato.

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