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Cherry poses the question…

…that we all want to ask.  The steady diet of natural disasters and villain inspired dangers has proven tedious at least and incredible to boot.  No one, simply based on odds, would walk into these situations time after time after time…


So as Mark stands there mute and gob-smacked by Cherry’s intelligent question, we are all left at ask the very same thing.  On the other hand, what choice do we have?  There simply isn’t any interest in watching Mark and Cherry live their dull lives, Mark at the keyboard and Cherry doing what-all… Time for Rusty to get kidnapped again…  that hasn’t happened for a while!  There are rare times that I feel for Mr. Allen, having to keep this boat floating and heading in a direction, when it’s clear that the rudder has been disabled, the keel pulled, and the sails furled…  But as has been suggested by this forum, there are people out there who make a living writing story lines… let’s invest in one, oh mighty syndicate.

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