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No, I really don’t think he did, Mark…

As Mark remains delusional regarding his place in the universe and the missions that he is called upon to perform, Cherry needs to seriously reevaluate her life and the commitments she has made.  Sure… Mark invited her to join him on a Hawaiian get-away, but ever since they arrived, mark has done his level best to avoid her…  and now feels compelled to call Bill Ellis to inform him that the much anticipated story on the Red Imported Fire Ant crisis in Hawaii will have to be taken down from his whiteboard- in favor of a retelling of the volcano “adventure?”


Or judging by the look on Mark’s face, he is going for humor…  a little levity to help lighten the mood…

But really, what’s with the building in panel one… we have been seeing this for a few days now.  Is this meant to be a replica of the actual Coco Palms resort?  It looks very mid-century…


I guess it is, but not a very good one…  and it would appear that there was a fire that took out the iconic arch and conch shell replica… this fire happened in 2014, and before that it was a hurricane… the resort is scheduled to be re-opened in 2017…  Could it be that Mark & Cherry are in some kind of a twilight zone adventure- moving back in Space-time to the hay-day of Elvis and Blue Hawaii??  Or is Mark so cheap he will only take Cherry to an abandoned resort?


One thought on “No, I really don’t think he did, Mark…

  1. I’m sure Bill will be just tickled to get another one of Mark’s “How I survived my assignment” reports, especially as he is on the hook for a helicopter rental and a possible claim made against the paper if the insurance doesn’t come through for Cal. None of Mark’s clothes were apparently ruined or even hurt, so that should help the expense account just a bit.

    Wait. 2014 was just over 2 years ago, right? It was 2 years ago that this adventure had its beginnings, with the hapless yachtsman, a convenient collection of firewood, and a bunch of fire ants. I was ready to believe that this entire adventure took place in 2014, until I recalled (ok, I looked it up) that Mark and Family were talking about the cave adventure.

    Unless THAT took place in 2014, as well….?!

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