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This is turning into a regular Laurel and Hardy sketch!

Yes, back at the palatial offices of Woods and Wildlife Magazine… Bill must have a Board Meeting or something- look at how dressed up he is today!  Saks, Burberry or Brooks Brothers for sure…


And note how stoic the pigeon is as all the raptors are closing in!


Sorry to have skipped yesterday’s installment, campers, but I was away and couldn’t get to a computer…  anyway, the banter in these two segments is first rate…  and we can see that Mark is having fun with this…  rather than being his literal self (a volcano erupted) Mark offers up the line, “the island exploded!” Which Bill then hits out of the park with the “…you’ve blown up an island now, Mark!?” response.  Very clever.  And it would seem that Bill is still interested in what Mark has to say, and write even.

But Bill, lets be clear… when would Mark have had time to “put a story together?”  Good or otherwise?  It’s been all of 36 hours or so since you told him he couldn’t rent a boat and put it on his expense account…  And for that matter, when have we ever seen mark hunched over an Underwood No. 5 or laptop and writing anything?  I think it’s all a sham- Mark is the brand while minions crank out the words…

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