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Milking it…

Doc, having now been subjected to rounds and rounds of aimless prattling by Mark about the Red Imported Fire Ant Story that got away, must surely be thinking “When is this going to end?  it was so quiet around here… and now he’s back…” And Mark, you need to give up on the notion that the island “exploded…”  It’s not quite accurate…


And Poor Cherry, standing there wondering how they are going to pay off the credit card bill from their Hawaiian vacation, is anxious for Mark to turn in the story on “Surviving the Eruption” so he can get paid…  Mark must be one hell of a fast writer to expect that he’s already pounded that one out…

3 thoughts on “Milking it…

  1. Perhaps Cherry should pen an erotic story about her skin slapping escapades with the “Big Kahuna” poolside, and how she survived her own version of multiple eruptions without having to jump off of a cliff.

  2. I agree with what you have said in the past. This strip has completely left the strip I remember growing up. He takes a story line and stretches it for 4 months. All of it with no point. Like you, I’m a Minnesotan. This is a Mark Trail with which I am not familiar. Can we just have him smoking a pipe, fishing and camping while catching a poacher! 🙂

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