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My how time flies…

It takes six months to burn through an afternoon in Hawaii, but in the space of three days, Mark has written his article, Bill has edited the article, put it in the very next issue of Woods and Wildlife Magazine, the issue went to the printers, hit the newsstands and mailboxes of faithful readers who apparently took the time to write the magazine and tell them how much they loved it!  My head is spinning.


But how sad Mark looks at the prospect of being an on-line phenom…  Cherry is stricken… as if the Internet is full of trolls (ok, it is…) but that they would all sharpen their forks and knives for Mark!  Poor Mark, he’s only known approbation in his sheltered life, he only hears how great he is!  Now his flanks are exposed to the global zeitgeist!  How will humanity respond?  With a yawn, I’d reckon… I mean, really?  What it takes to have a breakthrough, to go even moderately viral, is staggering… or just being lucky, or filling the frame with kittens and puppies…  but who knows, maybe Mark will be a hit there, too…

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