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Yea… sure Mark…

We’ve heard this one before… the promise of a “trip…” Just you and Rusty… Right, Mark?


What a lame-o excuse though, “sometimes my trips can get a little hectic.”  What the heck does that mean??  In the words of Obi Wan, Rusty, “Your destiny lies along a different path” than Mark’s.  You need to stay home and be marauded by Dirty Dyer… thought we forgot about him, huh?  Nope, Dirty’s coming to do a little hunting of his own…

One thought on “Yea… sure Mark…

  1. Who is Mark really talking to? He’s facing his left, but I would expect he is the driver, unless Rusty is a stunted 16-year old. But if he is actually facing his right, then he is definitely driving in an unsafe manner. But the anatomy is all wrong for a right twisting pose. Fact is, the anatomy of the pose would make no sense if Mark was even the passenger. And where, or where, is his seat belt/shoulder harness?

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