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Sure Mark… If you get back…

OK, enough with the prattle… besides, what on earth is that deer in the first panel doing, looking straight up??  Very strange behavior.  But then, I’m not a deer.


Well, have fun on your trip Mark.  I have a feeling this time we won’t be wondering what’s going on “back at the ranch…”  Oh, that’s right, Mark is going to a Ranch… and a Ghost Town.  Oooooooooo……

3 thoughts on “Sure Mark… If you get back…

  1. With both of today’s sentences ending with exclamation marks, I worry that James Allen is a victim of punctuation inflation! Those should be reserved for moments of peril or serious excitement, not early plans to leave both Cherry and Rusty at some Mexican resort while you chase the next endless, far-fetched story! It is very annoying!!

  2. Daniel! Haven’t you realized that exclamatory punctuation is the norm among comic strip writers?! And it’s not only true in the Trailverse! Indeed, once I first noticed the phenomenon forty years ago, I was amazed how ubiquitous the damn things were on the comic pages! And you are right! It was and is annoying!

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