Beauty and the Beast?

Mark, you have always been a terrible read on people…  it’s obvious that these two don’t belong together, but you are so focused on Johnny Lone-Elk and the BFF survey you can’t see what’s right in front of you!  And of course Mark had to cross paths with this guy and his hostage…  and I guess that Ponytail Man is “getting the plane” while Mr. Clean is doing what now?


Oh, Mark, this guy doesn’t really care how you are doing…  that was offered to get your attention, and no more.  Can’t you see that he is up to no good?  And could he possibly have a gun pointed at Blondie?  Well, we are on the street-side of the security system.  That wouldn’t be terribly conspicuous, would it?  But if the “plan” is to find a new rendezvous point, I can’t imagine how this is going help with that…