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Beauty and the Beast?

Mark, you have always been a terrible read on people…  it’s obvious that these two don’t belong together, but you are so focused on Johnny Lone-Elk and the BFF survey you can’t see what’s right in front of you!  And of course Mark had to cross paths with this guy and his hostage…  and I guess that Ponytail Man is “getting the plane” while Mr. Clean is doing what now?


Oh, Mark, this guy doesn’t really care how you are doing…  that was offered to get your attention, and no more.  Can’t you see that he is up to no good?  And could he possibly have a gun pointed at Blondie?  Well, we are on the street-side of the security system.  That wouldn’t be terribly conspicuous, would it?  But if the “plan” is to find a new rendezvous point, I can’t imagine how this is going help with that…

One thought on “Beauty and the Beast?

  1. I was perplexed by this sequence. What possible reason would the bald guy have to accosting Trail, while toting what would appear to be an unwilling accomplice? And why didn’t Trail tumble to the “help me” statement, which should have been “help us” if baldy was pretending to be a couple with his hostage? But what’s the deal:

    1. The Bad Guys already know who Trail is and this is some cockamamie plan to abduct him. (Sure, why not do it right in the airport, as opposed to waiting until he goes for his car!)
    2. This is just a chance meeting and Baldy is going to abduct/coerce Mark in order to get his car, as he spoke about yesterday. But how does Baldy know what Trail is driving? He wanted a 4-seater. Mark could be driving a Smart Car, for goodness sake. I’m not sure Trail has even been to the Car Rental desk, yet.
    3. Baldy is trying to marry off his sister and Trail looked like the kind of sucker who would say “Sure thing!”
    4. I dunno; but it will have something to do with transportation and forcing Mark to drive.

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