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“Standard Car Rental Agreement?”

Well, that certainly explains it all…  Mark Trail is sort of like James Bond, isn’t he?  He can just walk up to any counter of a certain Rental Car company (I’d presume it wouldn’t work with just any company) say the name Lesley Joyce and keys would be handed to him!  What I don’t understand right now is whether Water World is in South Dakota or if Mark and Lone Elk traveled to another location to shoot the documentary.  Maybe a coastal location?  That would explain how the Walrus “Got away…” in the sea, and not on the Midwestern plains…  Man, it’s really difficult to figure out what’s going on here!


Well, enough with the words… I have to believe that James Allen is reading the blogs and figured he needed to knit some things together fast otherwise we would be in Gil’s office for another month…

2 thoughts on ““Standard Car Rental Agreement?”

  1. We call this technique PADDING. It doesn’t move the story line any. Well, it might make some sense if Allen was reading blogs, but then again, comic strips are usually written 6-8 weeks in advance. But based on the soap-opera speed of this story, you probably still have a good point, Dennis.

  2. Sorry, I should not have written “We” call this technique PADDING, as if I’m part of the cartooning fraternity. My slip. I believe I was trying to write “We might as well call this technique PADDING”, but my fingers fell behind, as usual.

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