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Nice Smirk!!

Oh, Gil, you are milking this for all it’s worth… yea… I’m sure this story never gets old.


So… Lesley Joyce, the Escalade Driving, radiation-proof diving suit providing, Straight-A, overachieving, never lucky in love Siren that you are, you are being brought back to the one embarrassing moment in your life.  I assume that Mark and Lone Elk corralled the Walrus and somehow got it into the back of the Escalade…  What with Mark’s love of all things Nature, and his total disregard for other people’s property, why would we even be surprised by this?  OK let’s wind up this story within a story so Gil can inform Lesley that Mark has rented another car under her good name… and watch her blow!

One thought on “Nice Smirk!!

  1. I think I figured it out: This whole side-show is James Allen taking a poke at the podcasters and other critics: “You think I’m dragging out my stories, do you? Well, you ain’t seen NOTHING yet. I can make a TV soap opera seem like a one-hour stopover.”

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