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Your laughing awfully hard, Gil…

…for having heard the story before… but I guess some stories just don’t get old…  especially at the expense of others… And this says quite bit about you, Gil, and your relative level of ass-holiness.


But what else is it about Gil that raises an eyebrow or two?  First, the name- Gil- he seems to be in charge of a water based theme park, and fish breathe through gills… Ha!  I get it!  there’s a pun there.  And then there’s his creepy little soul patch- what, does he blow on a horn in a jazz club when he’s not making fun of his employees?

But let’s check the veracity of blowing out the suspension on a Escalade… a female Walrus might go 2,000 lbs., and while the vehicle can tow upwards of 8,000 lbs., the load capacity of said vehicle is only 1,230 lbs., so I guess we have a winner!

2 thoughts on “Your laughing awfully hard, Gil…

  1. Nice details on the suspension issue. I am wondering if the 2000 lb walrus would actually fit? Perhaps they left the cargo door open, which would have helped with the brutal smell?

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