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And we finally arrive…

Yea, looks like Mark and Lone Elk had to drop the back seats to try to make room for mama Walrus…  but still the last third of her was hanging out- How did she even stay in the car?  And isn’t it the bottom third where the pups would come out? Which means they would be dropped onto the pavement?  Ouch!  We need an anatomy lesson here!


But what is that look of rapture on Lesley’s face?  The thought of life being created?  Walrus placenta all over the upholstery?  Can we move on from here?  This is getting uncomfortable…

2 thoughts on “And we finally arrive…

  1. Rapture? Orgasm? From a walrus!? Does she fantasize that she is the walrus, leaning over the back of car? Or the walrus is leaning over her? (It does kind of look like somebody dressed in a cheap mascot uniform!)

    And what about all of those broken car windows? How a walrus could smash so much safety glass is amazing; and why there isn’t blood everywhere is another puzzle.

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