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Yes, quite a story…

Now are you going to get the the reason you forced your colleague to recount it for you, Gil?  And Lesley, why are you continuing to spin around and contort like you are doing an interpretive dance?


Lesley!  I am surprised at you!  The grossest thing you have ever seen?  Like, I mean, totally?  And you call yourself a scientist?  It’s the miracle of life!  Nothing gross about that!

And why does everyone in the Trailverse have jet-black eyebrows?  I get why Lesley does-  she has raven black hair.  But Gil?  Heck, even Baldy does, an he doesn’t even have any hair!


One thought on “Yes, quite a story…

  1. I like the concept of an interpretative dance here. But we missed the critical panels where Lesley conveyed the “gross” moment of birth of the twin walrus, coupled with the smashing of car windows. This leaves too much to our weak imaginations! I hope Mr. Allen gives us a flashback scene so we can all appreciate what must have been a nuanced but overwhelming artistic kinetic rendering by our raven-haired scientist..

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