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er, ummm… Nice Rack?

As this punchline plays over a series of days, the level of drama also builds…


Lesley Joyce looks like she is trying out for kabuki theater, or the return of silent movies…  can’t you just hear the organ building up and throwing off fat, ominous chords behind her look of shock?!


…and as Lesley goes through the grieving cycle over the news that Mark has rented a vehicle in her name (shock, anger, denial bargaining, and acceptance; mostly anger) Her bust size has also increased dramatically!  Why not, you know?  The rest of her has been morphing out of control ever since we met her…

3 thoughts on “er, ummm… Nice Rack?

  1. Leslie is way too emotional about Mark Trail. I think she has the hots for him, like Abbey and Carina of late. Probably the same shape-shifter coming back for another “I am a happily married man” let down.

  2. Hmmm. . . . Perhaps I am getting old, but the first thing my eye was drawn to in panel 3 was the attempted auto-decapitation depicted. I initially thought Lesley’s look of horror was not induced by the prospect of Mark renting a car in her name, but rather the shock of pulling her own head off of her own neck!

    Your commentary made me reexamine the corporeal attributes highlighted by the artist – points I admit are well taken – but even that distraction can’t get me past the notion that I’m viewing a Roger Corman film outtake or the denouement of a Scooby-Doo episode.

    Let’s hope Gil can succeed in helping Lesley get her head (and neck) together tomorrow, so we can find out exactly what about Mark makes her so damn emotional.

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