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Oh boy, she’s lost it!

So… I get away from civilization (OK, North Central WI) for the weekend, and I miss all the violence- the apparent unhinging of an otherwise educated and collected individual…


But clearly the thought of Mark Trail renting a car in her name has sent Lesley Joyce OVER the frickin’ edge!!  Gil!  Pull  that bottle out of your bottom left desk drawer- you know the one you save for special occasions!  If anyone ever need a calmer-downer, it’s LJ!  Note the poor pelicans!  Not only are they hiding themselves from the outrage, but they are clearly blanched and bleached colorless by the experience!!  Oh the humanity!

One last thought- clearly Gil doesn’t “know” his people very well… having greatly underestimated the impact the news was going to have, and dragging Lesley through her own post- traumatic stress moment at her, and it appears, YOUR expense… Justice comes in many forms…

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