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Well, I had that one wrong!

And arguably overthought the whole thing… So no, “Billy” was not a woman… as it turns out…


…and now we are on to the fact that it’s no longer 3-1, but rather it’s all tied up at 2-2.  Mark and Lone Elk vs. Baldy (with gun) and Blondie (supposedly armed.)  But it suddenly occurs to me- why wouldn’t Lone Elk have grabbed a rifle, a side-arm, something?  I mean they headed out into the wilderness, complete with Bear and Puma and all manner of Alpha Predator- what about personal protection?  Hell, they might even run across a Minneapolis Police Officer!  A guy’s got to be ready, you know?  Instead they are relying on “trick riding skills” to get them out of the pickle they are in?  Thinking they can count on “the girl” to help?  Heaven help them…


One thought on “Well, I had that one wrong!

  1. Are women modern enough to rob banks in Mark’s world? The thought would make his head spin. Betting we find out she was somehow manipulated into doing it. There will be tears. It wasn’t her fault! Mark’s idea of order is restored!

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