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Scene? What Scene??

Man… I really feel for the leader of the FBI field office.  Whereas Agent John Paul doesn’t have a bad side, his boss doesn’t have a good one… no matter what the angle, his hair is just goofy!  I’m generally not a fan of comb-over hair styles, (I used to count bad ones on the train rides to NYC every morning,) he needs to try something.  The putting-green-surrounded-by-sand look just isn’t working!


Again I ask… what scene?  The bank that got robbed?  The airport?  I don’t think they know where Mark is… and I am too lazy to go back through days upon weeks upon months of daily installments to figure this one out…  OK, James Allen you wore me down.  I’ll just go with it… KRAKARUMBLE to you, too!


One thought on “Scene? What Scene??

  1. Back from vacation and nice to see so much action has taken place this past week! Some observations:

    1. Heavens! I thought the building was cracking up and collapsing for a minute.
    2. Or did Agent Paul get stuck in an ice cube tray as some “greater life form” just pulled the release lever?
    3. And speaking of visual clues, it is normal for two people in different panels talking to each other to at least be facing each other.
    4. Mr Putting-Green (or Putting-Brown, if you like) apparently has no clue about weather. And since when did a mere storm stop people (especially law enforcement) from driving?

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