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I guess the FBI doesn’t like to play in the rain?

…or they don’t know how to drive?  Thanks for the comment yesterday… I agree.  What?  a little rain and they have to stay in the office waiting for the storm to pass?  That’s a good thing to know if you are a criminal…


And what is with the wagging finger gesture??  Seems as though that is the go-to artistic effect (I f we can really call it that) in the Trailverse… and it always emerges from the bottom of the frame- like a disembodied hand that may or may not belong to the person talking…

Right you are, Agent John Paul!  What DO we know about THAT local sheriff??  Can he be trusted to respect the Feds?  Does he know that once FBI is on the scene, they are in charge?

For the record, I am done talking about that stupid hairline…  but I can’t take my eyes off it… like a train wreck…



One thought on “I guess the FBI doesn’t like to play in the rain?

  1. Pointing finger? I’m wondering… it seems to have 3 “joints”, based on the rendering. Is it the front or back of the finger?
    Then again, it just looks too darned big. I’m thinking it might be a bread stick that he is using as the ‘pointing finger’. I suppose Agent Turf-head believes Cherry is either unreliable or devious and won’t contact THEM if she has “heard anything” from the bank robber(s).

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