And Heeeeeere’s Johnny!

Right you are George!  Well, how foolish of me to have counted Ol’ Johnny Lone Elk out of the story.  True, they won’t be looking for you, will they??  The way Martin Riggs was thought to be dead and came out of nowhere in the first (and best thank you very much) Lethal Weapon


Talk about none worse for wear!  It’s like they landed on a pillow top mattress!

I must comment again on how the traditional markers are not being observed in James Allen’s Trailverse…  If you had placed Johnny in a line up in the Dodd/Elrod days, we would have immediately assumed that he was bad- to the bone.  Long hair, stubble, we’d assume that this guy was up to no good!!  But we can’t judge a book by its cover now, can we?!