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Remember? I’m the bad guy??

Bald head, snarling puss…  I don’t take orders from nobody, see?  And I need a drink, get it?  Even though this town is deserted, there’s sure to be a bottle of rot-gut whiskey somewhere in there, certainly more likely there than inside the church… But Mark knows best…


I still don’t get where the ponytailed guy with the plane fits into all of this.  Of course that’s nothing new, these stories have so many loose ends they are difficult to track.  Was it also in this supposed story arc that Dirty Dyer made a very brief return?

2 thoughts on “Remember? I’m the bad guy??

  1. Why is Mark looking for a safe place to be held captive? Perhaps he should get away from those holding a gun on him….

  2. Notice that blondie is galloping away from both of them. As for Dirty Dyer and the ponytailed guy with the plane, I predict Dyer will show up at the cabin and take Cherry prisoner. Rusty and her dad will have been out fishing and come back to discover Cherry’s abduction. We have to at least assume the ponytail pilot will either have already arrived at the nearby airport or crashed trying to fly through the storm.

    Who knows – maybe you are right about Baldy’s need for alcoholic replenishment. So Trail and blondie abandon him and head for the Church as the twister bears down on the town, to the ultimate misfortune of Ol’ Baldy, who is otherwise pissed up when he does not find a bottle of 150 year old whisky behind the bar.

    This should get us into November.

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