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Walking meat sacks

That’s all we are to a predator… a walking meat sack.  and given the size of this guy, he needs a good sized meat sack every now and then…


So as Johnny goes from looking like Gene Simmons (without makeup of course) to someone completely different in the next panels,


Sheriff Stober (who has to stand for election every so many years) continues to act all mysterious-like, not really letting Johnny in on the broader plan… Just “reach in my pocket (saddlebag, whatever) and hand me the contents!”  whatever…

4 thoughts on “Walking meat sacks

  1. Why do the panels with the grizzly in the foreground and the human silhouettes in the background remind me of stills from The Leggo Sheriff Don Stober movie? 😉

  2. I like James Allen’s nod to reality by including a lantern in the first panel of both strips. Where will Team Trail get one for their inevitable meeting in the tunnels/cave? Perhaps before Halloween?

  3. Who is really writing this stuff? It’s as if English is a second language (and let’s congratulate that person for expanding their linguistic horizons!); but really now: “He has spotted us” and “I’ll get the bead on him…” !? Nobody talks like that in the real world!

  4. Why do the panels with human silhouettes in the background look like stills from The Sheriff Don Stober Leggo Movie?

    (Comment posted from my phone earlier that didn’t make it to the webpage.)

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