2, 3, 4…

I think Blondie wasted a round when Mark was getting his punch on


And Baldy has now fired off 3 more in what appears to be a six-shooter…  Assuming that Blondie’s gun is fully loaded, that leaves 6-4+6=8 rounds left before reloading…

So now that we are all aware of of everyone else, what prevents a Mexican Standoff?  Am I still allowed to say that?  What does it even mean??

Mexican Standoff

Thank you, Google… and yes, completely on point.  I predict that the FBI will swoop in with Helicopter (maybe Cal from the Island “Adventure…”) and save the day.  Wouldn’t be the first time that the Feds have made an appearance in these “stories…”

3 thoughts on “2, 3, 4…

  1. My, how Baldy’s physique has changed! He moves pretty well for a man carrying a forty-pound sack of feed in his T-shirt, eh?

  2. Baldy’s firing from the hip, Old West movie style, is a complete waste of ammunition, especially at that distance. Guns have sights for a reason. Of course anyone standing in the middle of the street usually loses to those who use cover for protection.

    Bring on the FBI. I am ready for flapjacks.

  3. How dreadfully predictable and lame (as I wrote a day or two ago)… the Sheriff has a bead on the bad guys when he calls them out, yet lets fatso Baldy turn around and still get the drop on him! Meanwhile, Johnny feels the need to take on Trail’s responsibility of stating the obvious (“Look out!”), after the bullets are already flying. So much for our modern-day Wyatt Earp. Just what are we to make of this so-called famous, ol-school sheriff with the haughty pose, the “I know more than you ever will” dialog, and his trusty, town-taming Winchester? I think the word “Wus” comes to mind.

    Now, something that had been bothering me for most of this so-called adventure is why the heck are Baldy and Blondie sporting pistols when they could have carried trustworthy automatics with greater shell capacity? They are not even Magnums! Are we to expect that they are also carrying speed loads in their pockets!? Well, you can’t fan an automatic, of course, and I presume these are single-action revolvers.

    By the way, to see a real-life quick-draw artist at work, check out videos on Youtube of Bob Munden, such as: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5WjkI5FuP0.

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