Ya think?!

Sorry Campers… Needed a few days away from the woods to sharpen my axe a little…


With a thud, the revolver falls to the ground.. and doesn’t go off!  I’m pretty sure that Mythbusters covered this topic years ago… dropped guns do NOT fire on their own…


Meanwhile Meteorologist Mark (he so bad!) is giving the local forecast…  with “Backup” from Sheriff Stober… Man, this is really inane…


..with Mr. Bad-guy-pony-tail-dyed-to-match-upholstery asking the question we have all been positing for months now…  there had to be an easier way to do this… like how about we all get on the plane at the airport and take off together, rather than adding kidnapping and false imprisonment to the rap sheet…

3 thoughts on “Ya think?!

  1. Like you noted, the pilot in the second panel pretty much sums up what most of us have been thinking: Right from the start, what the hell was Baldie’s plan, anyway? Nothing in this story makes any sense. It’s as if Allen is just free-associating his plot as he goes. Maybe at the story’s “conclusion” nothing will be resolved. Instead, we will see Mark wake up and tell a groggy Cherry about a nightmare he just had about his upcoming trip to see Johnny.

  2. And if Allen is truly inspired, the storyline will continue. On the plane, one of the cabin attendants will look exactly like “Blondie”. And the car rental agent will look exactly like Baldie.

  3. Oh no, the Ghost Town is built on top of a volcano!

    This plan makes no sense. I’d try to pick it apart, but I forget how it started. They flew into an airport and highjacked Mark renting a car and forced him to take them to the guy with horses who could ride them to the ghost town so that another guy with a plane could pick them up from the ghost town airstrip. Maybe.

    I’m trying to conceive of the easiest way for Mythbusters to test that hypothesis and not subject themselves to potentially getting shot.

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