See? I told You!

Start with 20 grand, he offers you 15…  Blurt out 10, all you get is 5!


5 Grand?  Really?  Why, he’d have to turn that trick every quarter just to get to the poverty line.  Take a vacation?  That’s a joke.  A criminal’s work is never done… It’s not like they have Paid Time Off or a retirement plan…  The pressure to always have a new plan, a next caper… That’s gotta suck.  I was self-employed for a while in my storied career and I know how that feels.  Engaged on day and scraping the next!  And what I was doing was legal!

Is it my imagination, or is Tut getting more and more rotund?

But wait!  Dirty has something up his sleeve, or down his shorts, as it were…  What’s he reaching for?  Is that a Rhino Horn?