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Yea… a BIG one…

Sick?  Yea- sick of work!  As Frank the Fisherman takes his twin-screws out for a day on the water (leaving his friends at the mill to wonder where he is…) he is excited by the prospect of landing “The Big One…”


…only to become the third human to see the Rhino…


Are we to assume that the Leathery Behemoth shook off the Canvas Cloak and swam across the lake, only to emerge on the other shore?  I guess so.  At least all the people witnessing this strange sight had grown up with enough Mutual Of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom to know what they are looking at…


One thought on “Yea… a BIG one…

  1. Nice catch on the twin screws. Most fishing boats with two motors have one large one to transit and a much smaller one, usually electric, to troll. At least we see two life jackets and a gas tank. With all of that horsepower and redundancy for safety, this ocean going craft is ready to explore a south Pacific island.

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