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He accused you of what!?

Remember Ranger DustyCherry’s call for help when Mark didn’t come home that night??


Apparently, Dusty is no friend of Doc’s anymore!  Not after being accused of insanity or other improprieties…


That’s right!! Doc is a Tee-damn-totaler!  Coffee, black is the strongest thing he ever puts past his gums!!  And as Rusty (rhymes with Dusty) has been lurking just off (below?) camera, he sees his opportunity to pop his head up out of his hole and offer up his giraffe story again…  What?  Is Mark going to have to get out his switch and beat some sense into these people??

Speaking of switches, I noticed that former Viking running back and face-of-the-franchise Adrian Peterson is in a bunch of Financial hot water!  Regular readers know that I am not a fan of this team, and this guy, in particular, has always galled me.  And I predict that he will soon be on the rubbish heap of athletes who have earned 10’s if not 100’s of millions of dollars through playing and endorsements only to find their way to the bankruptcy court…  Why a bank would make a high six-figure loan to a guy using his contract (with no guarantees) as security is beyond me!  And the fact the Peterson’s Eden Prairie, MN home (one of 5 or six he “owns”) already has two mortgages on it comes as no surprise whatsoever… Just like the people featured “My 600 lb Life,” someone has to be abetting this behavior- someone has to be bringing the food into the house!!

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