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Screw you, Mark…

How long have we been going on about the existence of exotic, if not invasive, species on the grounds of Lost Forest?  Oh, I know… exactly a month…  Human-time 30 days equivalent to 10 minutes Trail-time…


In that time, Rusty has been browbeaten, Doc has been accused of imbibing and insanity, Shannon and Kathy have been terrorized, and Frank gave of his dreams of catching the big one whilst collecting sick-pay…  And all Mark can say is “I’ll go outside and take a look around?”  With a look on his face that reflects something between resignation and ennui, and Cherry ready to refill the coffee cups…  Doc needs to remind his daughter and freeloading son-in-law that he’s the one providing the roof over everyone’s head and he needs to be shown a little more respect!!

3 thoughts on “Screw you, Mark…

  1. You got it: Class-A jerks. I believe the old-school Mark (and Cherry) would have instantly responded to Rusty’s (and Doc’s) claims with “Goodness! Let’s go find out what’s going on!” and headed out the door for another adventure, rather than adopt the condescending attitude that Rusty and Doc are idiots. Maybe Mark “Pater Noster” Trail seems to think only HE is capable of discovering adventures and finds it irritating that other members of his family can beat him at his own game.

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