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Mark the Insufferable

Well, which is it, Mark?  First you bark at Dusty to bring the drugs and now you are offering up Doc’s stash!!


Still not an ounce of contrition offered up to Rusty or Doc…  Amazing, too, how Mark manages to talk without opening his mouth!!  Ah, the magic of clip-art!

2 thoughts on “Mark the Insufferable

  1. Mark on a cell phone, eh? Did some telco erect cell towers around or in Lost Forest? Reckon Lost Forest doesn’t have the Protection Squad that oversees the Boundary Waters. But, wait: What did Mark and Cherry use before cell phones? Did Ma Bell string telephone cables across trees to reach the cabin? Did they rely on a ham radio? Smoke signals?

    Perhaps Lost Forest is really just 100 acres of land adjacent to a Georgia suburb. I’m envisioning something like a log cabin in the middle of Central Park.

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