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Mark, the Nexus

Oh good!  Local Law Enforcement!  It’s about time you got here…


Mark, does it not occur to you that people can communicate without you in the middle facilitating?  I mean, what do you think these people do when you are off on one of your capers?  Just sit around waiting for you to return??

Not to mention the fact that you really don’t have any idea how many or what type of animals you are dealing with- so far you have a pair of Giraffe, an Ostrich riding Monkey and a Bengal tiger…  who knows what else might be out there…

Never mind the fact that Cherry was fixin’ to put some hot-cakes on the table!  Whatever happened to that?!

2 thoughts on “Mark, the Nexus

  1. I know it is alarming to find zoo animals in Lost Forest, but do all five sentences deserve exclamation marks? Rusty’s surprise at seeing the Sheriff’s car might warrant one, but rest are the type of punctuation abuse frequently found in teenagers’ text messages.

    • Well, it is a long-standing tradition in comic strips and comic books to prop up every sentence with a Bang (!). There are various theories, dating back decades, such as the practical need to create a more visible punctuation mark on newsprint (though, it was not apparently needed for news articles). Also, the ! gives an implied “emphasis” to dialog, as if everybody is speaking in dramatic voices!

      Lights! Action! Tigers!

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