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And what side of the aisle are YOU on, Mark??

Mark Trail throughout the years has remained pretty apolitical, but it’s always leaned toward conservation.  This doesn’t make Mark a left-leaning eco-zealot, and if you recall, he was willing to engage with Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-South Carolina) over the whole Rhino-Horn-Trafficking issue…


…And with Mark’s adequate display of current events knowledge and careful recitation of the facts, we are left to wonder whether a train line actually runs through Lost Forest…  and as readers we were correct in piecing the puzzle together…  no head-fakes here!

But an accident?  I think not!  An act of terror more like, unleashed by Dirty Dyer, hoping that the larger and more aggressive members of the animal troop would find and tear into the Trails!!

One thought on “And what side of the aisle are YOU on, Mark??

  1. Well, Mr Know-it-All Trail once again tries to take credit for knowing what’s going on, even when it’s clear he doesn’t. Or didn’t, in spite of his crack-pot “theory” which still has yet to be explained. As for the presumed train derailment being a plot by Dirty to cause havoc to the Trail Family, it seems like the kind of over-the-top execution plans that villains (Bloefeld, the Joker) typically employ against The Good Guys (Bond, Batman) to give them enough time to escape. Didn’t we all at one time or another just hope that Auric Goldfinder or Ernst Bloefeld would have simply put a gun against Bond’s head and pull the trigger? And shouldn’t Dirty be pragmatic enough to do something more practical, such as setting fire to Trail’s house while they are sleeping? Dirty certainly didn’t resort to some elaborate ruse to snuff the lights out of The Fat Man down in Florida.

    If a train derailment of circus animals is Dirty’s idea of revenge against Mark Trail, he’s an idiot. And what kind of training was he getting down in South America (or was that the Caribbean), anyway? It doesn’t take much expertise to derail a train.

    My Hypothesis: More than likely, we will see an old steam engine rather than a diesel, because they are more traditional (“iconic”) in people’s minds, and conform to Allen’s Altered Universe. So the train must have had to stop at a watering station. At that point, Dirty Dyer sprang his trap of opening as many animal cars and cages as possible to enable their escapes. This explains what kind of training he got: Lock picking.

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