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OK, this isn’t silent film, guys…

Such emoting!  Such grand gesturing!  Mark’s hand locked in a palsy, Cherry going all “big eyes” on us.


The laconic Sheriff, who no doubt has seen it all, is barely moved by any of the outcomes he is describing…  But Mark and Cherry are positively aghast!  Not much happens in their little corner of the world, except for the odd poacher that thinks he can make a few bucks nabbing pelts off the preserve…  Now there is THE GREAT (non-verbal) WILHELM, who is probably on some behavioral/ physiological/ psychological spectrum, so they figured they’d dress him up and throw him out in front of the audience… Clowns are funny, right?  So anything he does, even if it’s weird and creepy will draw laughter… at least that was the bit that seems to have worked for decades!!

One thought on “OK, this isn’t silent film, guys…

  1. Let’s see now… Dirty is saddened by The Great Wilhelm’s retirement back on Dec 7, I think. Now, Mark and Cherry are aghast about the fate of Wilhelm. He must have been pretty famous if Mark and Cherry know who he is!

    Well, maybe. Apparently, Cherry is not sure WHICH Wilhelm the Sheriff refers to: You mean the Wilhelm that doesn’t talk but screams a lot? Apparently, there is a Talking Wilhelm the Clown in the same—or another—circus. And Cherry clearly does not care about THAT one. Perhaps she had a bad encounter with the Talking Wilhelm years ago.

    Anyway, what’s the big deal about not talking? When is the last time you could hear a circus clown talk? Most of the time they just make sounds and laugh.

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