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Is Dusty… Dancing??

Dusty is striking a really odd pose in panel one…  I’m thinking that arms folded or akimbo would be more in line with the seriousness of the occasion…


Tiger in the Front Yard = Mark getting involved!?  As far as Cherry is concerned, Tiger in the Front Yard = we’re not having Ham for dinner!!  Given that Mark apologized to Rusty only yesterday, maybe a week or two down the road we will be let in on the “theory” that Mark was testing by feeding the tiger their dinner…

And what’s with the Army Surplus Green Canvas Tent?  Is that meant to imply that they will be at this for days?  That’s not surprising as we have only begun to milk this scene for content… Well, Mark is sure to get a story out of this… and he didn’t even have to board an airplane!!

One thought on “Is Dusty… Dancing??

  1. So maybe Mark knew the tiger was real, but his theory was only an escaped, trained tiger would eat a cured meat product? I want one of those miracle tents that do not require a rope to tighten the roof line and support the front of the tent.

    But to James Allen’s credit, the first panel is beautiful and sets a painfully bucolic scene. I would love to camp there.

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