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Attribution, please…

Or is it maybe even a nod to Star Wars?


Whether attributed to Han Solo or anyone else in the Franchise that has brought forth this well-worn trope, it keeps popping up in the Trailverse, and I can’t decide whether I should appreciate the irony or blast the obvious rip-off…

Never mind the fact that we are also witnessing a scene right out of the first Jurassic Park movie where the approaching T-rex is making the ground shake…  the only thing missing here is a puddle or a glass of drinking water…

2 thoughts on “Attribution, please…

  1. Would a single rhino make the earth tremble when it moves? Maybe… a group of moving elephants would more likely create these mini-quakes. Perhaps the circus owners got a better deal on rhinos and eschewed the elephants. But never say never! This may be the point where we finally see these giant heavyweights in their last burst of temporary freedom.

    Should we also expect to see “Circus Boy” (played by a young Mikey Dolenz in the mid-1950s) sitting atop one of these beasts as they plow through the underbrush? If so, it would only be justice if Rusty was on a second elephant, as it tears the Big Green Tent into shreds with its tusks.”Take that, stupid Adults!”

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